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Feb 26, 2013 6:00am EST
hospital ship, the u-s-n-s comfort is emmarkkng today on another humanitarian mission & in south america. 3 jool d. smith isslivv in cannon with deeails on ttaa & trip ann what will happen if ccngress does not come to a compromise before friday. p good morning joel d. 33 3 p3 3 p3 3 eeer wonddr what happens... when you ask your kiddto ake want to? to?ttke a look at this hillrious videe one couple captured... of their toddler son, jude. 3 too muchhfun face-planting pntoohis pilloo- baay onitor 3&pcatchhs the whole thing on camera- as youucan see... nap & time was ánotá 3 a suucess-260-thouuand hits on youtuue coming up... the jackpot keees growinng!- growiiggwe're giving away 300-dollars ánextá... as part of our "freebruarr" contestt & contest.if yyu hhven't going to ffccbook dot coo slash fox baltimoree 3 then listen in or your name... after the break. 3& yyu're watthing 3 fox 45 morning ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪,3 explore the world of your - favorite superhero!the jewish museem of maryland gives you -3 an inside look into comic &pbboos. 3 emily gr
Feb 16, 2013 6:00am EST
... -he's reportedlyytheeseal who took out osama bin llden, ndd he's now locked in a figgt withhthe u-s military. milittry. 3 natsthey've endured hott cold, and deadly conditions ann & pushed ast unbelievable plvels of pain aanavy ssal would breea his leg nd neverr let you know.soossme former -&pseals llke john mcguuie are &pshhcked to hear one of their own beinggaccused of, well, whining.already immortalized on film, tterr'ssan anonymouu & seal teammsixxmember whh - by -some accouuts - ffred thee 3laden. buu that seal told esquire magaainn the miliiary has abandoned hhm. this shootee served 16 years, weet on hundrrdd of missions and hh pets o pension, zero pension. the commander of all navy -3 quote- "this former seal made a ddliberate ann informed & decisson to leave tte nnvy -3 severallyears short of officiil ssoweddthat memo to cnn, but t was nnver meant for theepublic. the commander senttit to the seal ccmmmnity, & accusations thaa he had arthritii, eyy amaae aad blown discs, buu no health care or pension. the seal commander says he voluntarily lef
Feb 10, 2013 7:00am EST
market 3 in thh u-s economy. homeownership is at 15-year lows after the financial crisis of 2000 popped the very iiflated hhusing bubble. & but houses are starting to -3 sell agaan as the real estate -3 recovery picks up somee say nowwis the erfect time to invest in eal estate.hurn - says: "there's a lot of &ppourageous small business ownerr who are ttkkng this downturn as an opportunity, which it is, to buy discountedd pcommerccal real estate." sharessof home building ccmpanies are already seeing &pgood sign that americans are real estate.marchiol ssys: "the general publii is coming around, here's exactly whats &ppappening- forrclossrre are down don't let that fool you. ww're coming out of the mire but we aren't out of the mire all the wwy yet. we have a lot through, especiilly in judicial stttes. but whats happening is organically people are starting to sell." but tte economy is still &pfragilea"a&is anothee housing bubble bound to burst? talked about qqantitative easinn and traditionally he way unliquid assets like houu
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3